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DeVaun J. Brown is a digital marketer and brand strategist based in Philadelphia, PA.  He prides himself on having an eye for innovation and a personality that can thrive in any environment.  DeVaun aims to make an impact using digital media and technology platforms.  Graduating from Temple University in 2015 with a B.A. in Communications, DeVaun has been exposed to amazing networks and opportunities.


DeVaun's past experiences and positions throughout the years has prepared and equipped him to adapt in various work environments, and with people of all backgrounds. Ultimately, he is pursuing a valuable career focusing on digital marketing and brand strategy.


Aside from his current work experience, DeVaun interested in collaborating with professionals and companies on various projects and campaigns!  He is always eager to work with new partners, gain more experience, and learn from experts in the marketing and tech industries.


If you would like to know anything else about DeVaun or are interested in collaborating, feel free to get in touch with him here or via social media @mrdevaun.


"There is no progression without struggle." - DeVaun J. Brown


About DeVaun Brown
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